Perth & Kinross Council budget announced


Perth and Kinross Council budget for 2018/19 has been announced, after discussions took place on Thursday, 22nd of February.

The widely publicised proposed removal of recycling centres, school crossing patrols, and winter maintenance cuts was rejected.

Teacher numbers will still be reduced, just not to the extent that was originally proposed. The proposed measures for secondary teachers was to reduce numbers by over 20. Funding has been partially reinstated so that the reduction in staff is now down to just over 10.

There will also be a reduction in the provision of service for ASN early years children as the targeted supply budget has been removed in its entirety.

Property maintenance is another area where there has been a partial reinstatement of funding. Savings have been reduced by £12,000. Not much of a reprieve when the reduction of funding is £808,000 in 2018/19.

Victim Support and Street Pastors are also seeing cuts in their funding and both charities are being advised to look at alternative funding methods.

The proposed closure of public toilets was heavily criticised by councilors and members of the public. Pitlochry, Dunkeld, and Blairgowrie will have year-round facilities while others will be open from April to September.

Garden waste charges have increased to £35 from £25 based over a three year period, while some locations are yet to be introduced to the system, including 3% increase in council tax and 10% increase in parking.