This evening The Twa Tams will be filled with doting family, friends and fans paying tribute to local musician Chris “Pat” Paterson.

Chris, guitarist of Perth band The Carloways, suddenly and very sadly passed away early last month. At the time it hit Perth and it’s music scene very hard. Our news feeds filled with a mass outpour of remembrance, sadness and love. Chris was a huge St. Johnstone fan and was held in high regard, musically and personally, by everyone who knew him.

Band mate Mikey Maclennan has been working hard over the past few weeks organising a tribute evening for the young musician. In hope it will raise enough to buy a memorial bench for his friend. Tonight some of Perthshire’s biggest talent will take to the stage to commemorate Chris’s life; Brainglue, Real Life Entertainment, The New Madrids, TRUE GENTS, Multistorey Lover & The Carloways. The bands have all rallied around the night and will be donating their earnings to the cause.

St. Johnstone F.C have kindly donated a signed football and shirt which will be auctioned off. There will also be a raffle and a collection. Tonight Chris will be sang for, danced for, cried for, remembered fondly and his life celebrated. For those who never met him it will be a chance to appreciate the life of someone who captured so many hearts. The incredible support from the venue, those who have donated and fellow musicians is nothing less than astounding.

Free entry | Raffle, donation & auction | 6.30 pm Kick off

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