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All the latest opinions from Perth Gazette staff and outsiders.

Perth Gazette blogs is a place for opinions. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Perth Gazette.


Site Stats Two Weeks On.... Google Webmaster tools shows how well we've done since being 2 weeks old. (14th of November 2013) Total hits: 67,433 Total views: 66,954 Keywords in Google: (Perth Gazette, 14,043) (Perthshire Gazette, 3,000) (Perth Gazette Offers,574) (nightclub Perth, 4,944) (Other, unknown) Facebook: 32,000+ posts were seen, 800 new likes, 201 shares,...
A list of new features which has been added to the website over the weekend. Verification Badge The verification badge what you see on Twitter and Facebook tells its users that the author/member/creator is trusted. Basically it means that they're the person who they say claim to be. This blue tick...
Site Stats A Week On.... Google Webmaster tools shows how well we've done since being 1 week old. (1st of November 7th 2013) Total hits: 32,090 Total views: 31,299 Keywords in Google: (Perth Gazette, 3,733) (Perthshire Gazette, 1,140) (Perth Gazette Offers, 833) (nightclub Perth, 4,944) (Other, unknown) Popular Post:  Pedestrian dies after being hit...
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