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Commenting & Sharing


Commenting on articles or any other media content is a great way for sharing your opinion. However times happen where users might get offended. Basic rules have been put in place so you are aware of this.

Comments can be flagged by visitors, registered users and staff members. The on board duty editor will take a look and decide whether to remove the comments which deems to be inappropriate.

You can publicly comment without signing up so you might think “oh lets go under a fake name” You can do this, but all IP’s are tracked.

Verified users comments will not be monitored – However if comments are being flagged which comes from a verified account and we think comments are going against the rules. The account holder will lose the risk not having that verified status.

What is a verified account? badge-verified

A verified account means it’s trusted by Perth Gazette. Normally accounts are verified if you are staff, a business, advertisers, a community project or a well known commentator.

However when signing up you can request verification providing you have filled out your profile completely. But normally accounts are rejected as we tend to verify you without asking.

Why do you enroll verified accounts?

Because Perth Gazette has many stories coming through it’s system. 70% of it’s articles are written by the public and automatically get put online straight away. Normally the author will go under “News Desk” articles are not proof written either. So it may encounter grammar mistakes. – We are set to change this in due course.

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