Diverse CiTay Festival

JuneJun 23 2018

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We've got a diverse and talented bunch of young people in Perth, and they're keen to share their skills and creative passions with you. On the streets and in the parks there will be performances to delight and amaze, and plenty of chances to join in.
Whether it's music, drama, art, or sport, there will be something for you to see and do.
Visit the young entrepreneurs market to buy from the next generation of budding business people.
Perth Theatre will showcase youth dance, theatre and drama and Perth Museum and Art Gallery will highlight issues that are important to young people.
The Two Inch Carnival - ( the shortest carnival in the world)- features floats designed around the theme of diversity which will be developed by our young makers and creatives. The carnival also offers street performances, including Indian dance groups, Samba, pipes and drums, and other music and arts forms.
We round the event off with a special evening concert, then it's on to the after-party events with options for over and under 18s.

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Perth City Centre (Various Venues)


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