Out of the Ashes

OctoberOct 21 2017 20:30 - OctoberOct 01 1970 01:00

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Out of the Ashes are a pioneering couple from Gloucestershire, using music as part of their mission to stand for joy, healing and love in the church; energising weary Christians and rejuvenating ailing congregations with a message of love, even if it is a bit of a bumpy road sometimes. Eclectic in sound and inclusive in vision, Out of the Ashes is the creation of Gloucestershire husband-and- wife duo Penny Lyon and Kevin Washburn, who will be in concert in Perth North Church on Saturday evening 21 st October at 7.30pm.
You've not heard Christian music like this before! A bold claim but the songs of Penny and Kevin illuminate raw issues of faith in an inspiring blues, swing and
jazz musical style not often seen on the mainstream church circuit and the Christianmessage is clear throughout. Alongside their music, Out of the Ashes are set to spread a positive message of inclusivity. A cornerstone of the duo's mission is the message that it is never too late to be used by God and take new steps forward in life. In Penny's words: "You ain't done yet!"
The concert is free to attend , though donations to cover costs will be gratefully received.

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Perth North Church @ 209 High St, Perth PH1 5PB


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