Patrick Matthew Festival: Day 2

SeptemberSep 30 2017 11:00 - SeptemberSep 01 1970 01:00

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The Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group has secured funding from the Heritage Lottery to celebrate the remarkable life and legacy of Patrick Matthew 19th Century landowner, farmer, social justice campaigner and fruit grower who discovered the process of natural selection thirty years before Charles Darwin, yet has never been recognised by the scientific establishment.
'In actuality, it is Scotland and its people who have been most short changed by this deception. Therefore, it is they and Scotlandwho need torecover this heritage taken from them. That is what I hope to accomplish and help to bring about with this memorial project'. Howard L. Minnick, 3rd Great Grandson of Patrick Matthew
Saturday 30th
Errol Hall - 10am-4pm
Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October
Visit Errol Hall and see all of the exhibitions from 2 years' of work with children from the 6 Carse Primary Schools. Find out lots of fascinating information presented by the children about Patrick Matthew's life, including the Tay Rail Bridge disaster, giant redwood trees, life on the Carse in the past, discovering Patrick's burial location, his former house Gourdiehill, and much much more.
No need to book - just come along!by an adult please.

AK Bell Library, Perth, 10.30-12.30pm
Saturday 30th September
Display of original letters and research documents and papers between Patrick Matthew and Lord Kinnaird, plus other fascinating articles.
Open event - no need to book.

Alibob Café, Cairn O'Mohr, 5-6.30pm
Saturday 30th September
Dr. Sutton will discuss his bookNullius in Verba(take nobody's word for it) revealing Patrick's lack of accolade by The Royal Society. Matthew discovered the process of natural selection thirty years prior to Charles Darwin publishingOrigin of Speciesyet was given no credit by the scientific establishement. He was also the first person to bring the Californian redwood seed into the UK, and again was not credited for this until recently.
Tickets are free but places are limited so please book via Eventbrite

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