Perth's Newest Nightclub Makes A Wet Launch

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Perth’s most talked about nightclub ‘Karnival Klub’ gets the talk this weekend following its launch.

1The new nightclub which has now been taken over, from G1; made a wet appearance during its first night of Halloween themed night. From weeks of bragging, promotions and PRing the club sure made headlines on Facebook on Friday morning.

With some customers wishing they brought none slip shoes – That’s right, reports of water, glass and leaks were coming from the dance floor at the venue in Perth Centre. Reports claimed there was a leak from its roof. Perth Gazette  went and investigated, which the reports seemed to be true.

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Contractors were hard at work sorting out its roof, to allow Friday’s party.

Scott Young wrote on it’s Facebook Page:

So first of all there was a ridiculous queue to get a drink. Then there was a fire alarm and everyone was chucked out. And the fire brigade wouldnt partake in a conga. All in all id rate it 3 out of 10

Also reports of a fire alarm was set off by one of its angry customers, which made the night come to an earlier ending. Perhaps all first nights don’t go down too well….

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