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Perth Gazette is a digital-only community news website and has been publishing since November 2013. Perth Gazette is one of the most go-to websites for Perth and Kinross news, according to Google rankings with over 210,000 monthly visitors and 2.1 million page views monthly.

We’re not your typical tabloid or newspaper, we only focus on important topics such as current breaking news, lifestyle, music and food.

We also offer a less clunky website, that most websites offer, with advanced technology and UK data centre servers offering the best fast possible loading times.

Perth Gazette is recognised as one of the most visited websites in Perth and Kinross for local news according to Google & Bing with a huge following on social media and community groups.

We’re also regulated by Impress, a regulator for independent news publications meaning you can trust we’d never publish fake news and we offer corrections and complaints procedures.

Finally, we’re not owned by any corporate publisher, we’re all local writers providing daily/weekly content without any paywall, so your support is appreciated. If you feel we miss stories, give us a nudge by visiting our newsdesk.

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