Private Car Parking Company – Take no notice says Watchdog

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Car drivers in Perth this week have been scared by a private car parking company called Private Eye.

1Owners posted on Facebook about warnings others not to pay up, and it’s believed others have paid feared it would affect their credit rating score.

While a short investigation Perth Gazette has learned that you do not need to pay these fines as long they are not a government agency.

A watchdog appeal which was broadcast 3 years ago on the BBC1 channel  explains what you should do with the fine.

Different rules apply to tickets issued by public officials (police officers or council workers) and private companies (multi-storey car parks, supermarkets, hospitals and retail parks etc.) so before you decide which course of action to take, you need to find out who issued your parking ticket it.  Perth Royal Infirmary applies too, which is not operated by the council.

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It should be clear if your ticket has been issued by the council or police and you will need to take a different approach if you want to contest it.

if you decided to appeal against the fine, you are admitting you were driving the vehicle – Legal Advice

Can they force you to pay?

No, private parking companies have no legal powers to force you to pay their parking tickets. The only way they can make you pay up is by taking court action, usually through the small claims court.

Even then you will have the right to defend yourself and give an explanation why you have refused to pay, meaning there is no guarantee their claim against you will be upheld.

If you have been issued a fine by a private company in Perthshire please get in touch by e-mailing us at subject “Parking Fine”

Watch the watchdog video below:

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