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Every week we update the website to improve style and networking connections.


Well, things have just gotten a little better here at the improvement team. You may have noticed a few changes within our website as we like to brag about changes and updates.


Now you can join hundreds of members in our forums, with no rules you can say what you like. Whether its a rant or an opinion feel free to type it. The forum style offers a clean and easy service and now has a reply system by @ the name. You can join the forums here.

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iOS Application

We will shortly be releasing an iOS application to be able read articles smoother on a iOS device. We are only planning iOS because this seems to be the popular device since October. This may change.

User Accounts Members/Businesses

More changes have been made to our account system, with cleaner effects for you to upload headers and to interact with the community forums. We also have implemented a security system, if a verified account changes their display name they will lose it, which was created by a developer. See more here.


We’ve made advertising a lot cheaper and more efficient throughout our website and our iOS application (launching soon) Most of our advertisers are popular high brands and which seems to lack local businesses. This is worrying and if any business feels free to “haggle” with us, you can also get in touch with us by clicking here.

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Updated Time Feature

We have now enabled a feature which tells visitors and members when the website was last updated. Meaning when articles get written, updated or forums posted etc, etc. This is important for us – sometimes we may not have articles but we still update the website with fresh comments and forum posts. [blockquote style=”3″]Perth Gazette Blogs is a place for opinions. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Perth Gazette.[/blockquote]

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