Who are Delicious?

The title asks the question – Delicious a family run sandwich shop in Perth.

The title asks the question – Delicious a family run sandwich shop in Perth.

With all the talk about Subway opening and their teething problems. And with all the talk about how Perth’s KFC is managed, we’d just to like to highlight (personally) one of Perth’s best independent sandwich shops.

As Pete Chan, Owner of the fabulous China China, highlighted the fact Perth should be supporting independent businesses as well, we did feel it was important to do our “bit” to echo this.

PG supports local businesses through paid ads and even free at most times.  Blend Coffee shop, who are hoping for bigger plans and other retailers who are progressing even at a slowly paste.

Tabla known for their “amazing” curries and professional staff, the list is endless to mention all. So, starting from now and running for two weeks, PG will post a picture or work from independent businesses, to highlight compassion, professionalism and that kick of a “local supporter”

To get involved, whether you are a business, or a loyal customer to that business, we’d like to hear your stories, pictures and other material that will work well to give something back to the business. I am sure they’d appreciate the extra support.

Please email hello@perthgazette.co.uk and help spread the love to our independent businesses across Perthshire.

Please start the email subject with your business name, list of suppliers you use, and other information you may have.
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