KFC respond to hygiene concerns

KFC have issued a comment regarding the ‘bad’ practice at Perth’s KFC branch.

KFC have issued a comment regarding the ‘bad’ practice at Perth’s KFC branch.

KFC are investigating all claims that were mentioned in an article at the start of the week, along with complaints from customers on social media. After two ex employees from KFC who wish to remain anonymous sent in evidence to PG.

While the evidence cannot be independently verified, a spokesman reached out to Perth Gazette after the article went viral with over 60,000 views.

Over 600 hundred and still counting voted in a poll below, over 40% found that the current state of Perth’s KFC branch was “Disgusting” while 10% of the votes said KFC was “great”.

A spokesman from KFC said: “Food hygiene is our highest priority and we enforce a continuous system of rigorous food safety procedures in our restaurants. We are entirely confident that these standards are being upheld at the restaurant, which has been validated by it passing its local authority inspection only 10 weeks ago and also an independent internal compliance audit just 4 weeks ago. We acknowledge that some customers have felt that the level of service in the restaurant has not been up to the usual high standards expected at KFC and we will be addressing this as a matter of the upmost importance.”


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