Receive push notifications on Android & Desktop

Today we are announcing push notifications for some platforms.

Today we are announcing push notifications for some platforms.

Push notifications alerts a user that a post has been published, for example updates on a breaking news story or new developments such as announcements that might be within the public interest.

To never miss a post from PG, you can enable notifications from desktop on Google Chrome or Safari. By doing this, you allow notifications to be sent directly to you.

This notification will inform you of the headline and website link, and it will redirect you to the article. This also works on Mac computers such as Mac Pro’s and iMacs.

For smartphone users, you need to be running Android with an updated version of Google Chrome. Most Android users prefer to install Google Chrome as their default browser.

Again, you accept the notifications and you will receive push notifications. However, due to heavy restrictions by Apple, within iOS this is not possible but we are planning a work around.

Also to note, our responsive website has now been removed to prepare changes for our new website which will be more clean, friendly and advanced with up to date technology.

To enable push notifications you should receive a pop up notification to reject or allow.

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