Tactran spend money on a website that is not needed

Tactran managed by the government have invested in a transport website that is not needed.

Tactran is one of seven statutory Regional Transport Partnerships covering the whole of Scotland, which were created under the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005.

The websites key is to provide information to visitors of journeys and places on its website. However, after an overview other websites already provide this information.

Tactran said: “GoToo.com provides residents and visitors with tailored travel information to explore and get around the area, as well as providing a range of travel tools and options to ease the daily commute.”

The website also redirects visitors to the original websites and you are not kept within the domain.

Traffic Scotland provide information 24/7 and for the like of places, local councils provide events and social media pages to alert members of the public. And of course Visit Scotland  also offer the service.

Needless to say, the website has a great domain name but how many people will actually use the service? Not many.

Its unknown how much was spent on the website but councils in Dundee seem to support the idea.

Many people have expressed their opinions online claiming the project is a waste of public spending, while one user said: “Unless the government spend ridiculously amounts in advertising, this additional addon is useless and very unfinished”

You can visit the new website by clicking here GoToo.com



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