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    How will you show you believe in Children?

    Raising funds for charity doesn’t always mean pulling on your trainers. You don’t have to undertake months of training or sweat it out with gruelling challenges to show you believe in children! Barnardo’s Scotland has an option for everyone when it comes to fundraising for children in Perth and Kinross.

    Are you the unofficial event organiser of your friends? Why not put those planning skills to the test and host your very own event in aid of Barnardo’s Scotland. Choose from a range of ready-made events such as Barnardo’s Big Brunch, a Toddle or Ceilidh to celebrate Universal Children’s Day. Or come up with your own unique idea. Whatever you choose, the charity will support you in your efforts – and if you don’t fancy doing it alone, team up with some friends or Barnardo’s Scotland can help you establish a fundraising group in your area.

    Regional Fundraising Manager for Barnardo’s Scotland, Hayley Best said: “You can do anything to raise money for the disadvantaged children we work with in Perth and Kinross, and we’ll help you every step of the way with ideas, materials and resources, we can even supply you with raffle tickets. From an event to collecting stamps to a donation – we really do have the fundraising solution for everyone! We recognise that not everyone has the time or ability to take on a physical challenge so we have dozens of ideas to make believing in children fun, easy and accessible to all. Please don’t hesitate to contact me direct at and I’ll help get you started!”

    Other options include supporting the various campaigns for change; encouraging your company to vote Barnardo’s as their ‘charity of the year’ or becoming a Corporate Partner; ever thought about introduce Payroll giving – the campaign to make payday last a life time. The charity also has a range of collection boxes, having a collecting box that others can donate into is an effective and easy way of raising money, last year boxes raised an amazing £307,854 for Barnardo’s Scotland just from small change – small change, big difference. The children’s charity also offer fundraising in schools so children can have fun and learn whilst helping others.  And of course there are a range of challenge events that take place across the UK or overseas.

    The old adage ‘time is money’ is certainly true when it comes to charities. Volunteering your time to one of our services or shops or signing up to help out at one of our fundraising challenges is a huge boost to the charity. Whatever option is right for you, visit to find it and you could contribute to the vital services Barnardo’s Scotland provide in Perth and Kinross.

    Hopscotch Mentoring is just one of those such services in Perth and Kinross you could make a real difference to. The service offers mentoring to young people affected by parental substance misuse.


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