Tayside Division delivers report to Perth and Kinross Scrutiny Committee

As part of Police Scotland’s commitment to local scrutiny of policing Supt Suzanne Mertes along with Temporary Chief Inspector Ian Scott, Local Area Commander have today reported to Perth and Kinross

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As part of Police Scotland’s commitment to local scrutiny of policing Supt Suzanne Mertes along with Temporary Chief Inspector Ian Scott, Local Area Commander have today reported to Perth and Kinross Community Safety Committee.


Quarterly performance figures released by Police Scotland covering the reporting period 1 April to 30 June 2015 show that a number of crime categories are down on the same period the year before.


The figures presented to the local authority scrutiny board show that reported housebreakings in Perth and Kinross have reduced by 21%, robberies have reduced by 25% and this period also saw a 42.9% increase in detection rates for drug supply, production and cultivation.


Violent crime saw an increase, which included the additional recording of 15 serious assaults.  Much of violent crime is linked to alcohol and we have placed a strong focus on the role of licensing to reduce the risk of alcohol related violence. There has been a change in the recording standard in this area which has reduced the threshold of injuries that are now recorded as serious. This includes lacerations which receive paper stitches or gluing interventions

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There was also a slight increase in common assault, which saw an increase of 15 crimes compared to this time last year.


Since the last report there has been a 25% reduction in the number people killed and seriously injured on the roads in Perth and Kinross.  There has also been a 68.4% increase in the number of dangerous driving offences detected compared to the same period last year.


Drink/drug detections have increased, in addition to high visibility patrols some of this increase can be attributed to the change in drink drive legislation.


Reports of anti-social behaviour in Kinross saw a reduction of 245 compared with last year’s figures, this equates to a 20% reduction in disorder in the area.


There was a 92.4% increase in vandalism rising from 171 reports last year to 329 reports this year, which is disappointing. Vandalism is a crime that has such a negative impact on the communities and officers throughout Perth and Kinross are committed to investigating and detecting such incidents.


Temporary Chief Inspector Ian Scott said :


“It is disappointing to see an increase in violent crime and we will continue to have a robust approach to tackling offenders and violence of any kind. Throughout the year additional and dedicated patrols have been conducted under initiatives such as ‘Centre Safe’ and the national Campaign Against Violence days, utilising all available officers, tacking all types of violence and anti-social behaviour.

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“The increase in vandalism can be attributed to incidents I have previously highlighted in Blairgowrie and the north area of Perth where numerous cars were maliciously damaged. We will continue to have focussed patrols in these area and continue to ask for the public’s help with any information they may have.


“Operation Ironworks continues in St Fillans around the area of Loch Earn to proactively tackle anti-social behaviour, crimes of violence and environmental damage.


“The reduction in casualties on the roads of Perth and Kinross can be attributed to Operation Zenith which was launched in April this year, to raise awareness amongst all road users about motorcycle safety during the summer months although the adverse weather conditions may have also had an effect.


“In order to keep people safe, officers and staff will continue to work closely with partner agencies and local communities to ensure that Perth and Kinross continues to be a safe place to live, work and visit.”

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