MP Pete Wishart to join anti-fascist protesters in Perth

Perth and North Perthshire MP, Pete Wishart, will be joining anti-fascist protesters in Perth on Sunday 10th September in a counter demonstration against the Scottish Defence Lea

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Perth and North Perthshire MP, Pete Wishart, will be joining anti-fascist protesters in Perth on Sunday 10th September in a counter demonstration against the Scottish Defence League.

The SDL will be in Perth on Sunday to in an attempt to whip up support to block the new developments on Jeanfield Road.

SDL will be starting the protest march at Perth Railway Station at 1 pm on Sunday and then proceeding to Perth City Centre.

A spokesperson from UAF Scotland said:”The Scottish Defence League are planning to come to Perth to create conflict and violence in our communities. Wherever they have appeared racist attacks and intimidation follow. We as people who live, work and study in Perth and its surrounding areas oppose their presence.

We will unite against fascism and we call on all those opposed to racism and fascism to join us in a celebration of diversity, unity and opposition to fascism. Perth has a tradition of diversity and welcoming migrants the SDL hate our communities working together and want to divide us. Our problems of lack of social housing, cuts to the NHS and low pay are the result of austerity not minority populations.”

SDL protesters will be met with the anti-fascist protesters and Police Scotland are hoping for a calm protest.

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Pete Wishart said:  “I am very disappointed that the Scottish Defence League will be on the streets of Perth on Sunday with their message of hate in an attempt to whip up anti-Islamic feeling amongst our community. Perth enjoys fantastic community relations and will want absolutely nothing to do with these handful of fascists who have nothing whatsoever to do with our city.

‘It is important that they do not secure the Perth streets to themselves and fascists must always be opposed. I am not prepared to stand back and allow them to intimidate my constituents and try and spread their hate in our beautiful city. I will therefore be standing with the anti-fascist groups in opposition to these people.

‘My Parliamentary office currently sits below the current mosque and over the years I have assisted Perth’s Islamic community find new more suitable premises. The new premises they have secured in Jeanfield Road will allow them to develop their service in much more conducive surroundings for worship. They should be able to secure this move without being exposed to this racist vitriol.

‘I hope as many people from Perth turn up to show our communities disgust at these fascists and protest peacefully in their presence on our city.”

A spokesperson from Perth Against Racisms said: “The fascist organisation, the Scottish Defence League, intend to come to Perth on September 10th to protest against the building of a new mosque within the city.

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Several organisations and local residents have joined together under the collective name of Perth Against Racism and are speaking out against this blatant display of hatred being imposed on us.

A peaceful counter demonstration is being planned to give a voice to all of those opposed to the march.

The “SDL” have insulted the intelligence of the people of Perth thinking that we are stupid enough to believe that they are coming here to champion on our behalf about parking spaces!

It is clear, however, that their real aim is to scapegoat and to provoke Muslims, in order to divide and isolate them from wider society. This is part of their programme of incitement against religious and ethnic minorities generally, as they had attempted earlier this year in Wishaw and Alloa.

We call upon the good people of Perth from all walks of life to open their hearts and stand together to show that we are a welcoming, modern and multicultural city.”

An event has been set up by Perth Against Racisms, please click here.

UPDATE: We have amended the article of the protest area changes. We had mentioned Jeanfield Road was included into the march but this has not been confirmed by SDL organisers.

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