New Independent and Scottish Labour Group is formed by Councillors

Independent and Labour councillors form a new group following Councillor McDade’s removal from two committees. 

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Independent and Labour councillors form a new group following Councillor McDade’s removal from two committees.

Independent Councillor Xander McDade was voted off from two committees, lifelong learning committee and the health and social care integration joint board IJB, following a vote on the 25th of April 2018.

Councillor McDade strongly opposed to school and care home closures during his time as a committee member.

Independent Councillor Rhona Brock, Councillor Mike Barnacle, Councillor Xander McDade, and Scottish Labour Councillor Alasdair Bailey have now formed a new group.

Councillor Rhona Brock (Independent) commented “Following the removal of our Independent colleague Councillor McDade from the Lifelong Learning Committee & Integrated Joint Board (Health & Social Care) at the full Council meeting on Wednesday 25th April, Councillor Barnacle and I took the decision to withdraw our support from the Partnership Administration.

We have now joined Councillors Bailey (Labour) and McDade (Independent) to form a joint group on the Council to enable all of us to better pursue our individual and collective policy aims and to continue to act in the best interests of the residents of our respective wards and the wider area. As always I shall be putting the interests of Strathearn first.”

Councillor Mike Barnacle (Independent) commented “My experience of partnership administrations encompassing more than two political groups is that they are difficult to sustain; last week’s council meeting encapsulated my concerns about the independent group’s situation and the need for clarity.

This is now provided by our correspondence with Councillor Lyle and the Chief Executive (enclosed) and I look forward to our new group working constructively within the council on behalf of our constituents on matters we have significant common ground on and to also receiving our fair share of committee places and more respect for our status.”

Councillor Xander McDade (Independent) continued “The new Independent & Scottish Labour Group will sit in opposition but will continue to work proactively with other political groups to achieve its aims. This official grouping on the Council will allow us to gain our proportionate share of places on the Council’s committees.

As a grouping of Independent & Labour councillors, the Group will not have a leader, but has instead decided that each councillor in the group should each have a policy portfolio. I will have the Education, Health & Local Democracy brief, which are the issues I am most passionate about. I look forward to continuing my work on these issues on behalf of the group, whilst continuing to strongly represent my constituents interests.”

Councillor Alasdair Bailey (Scottish Labour) commented “I look forward to working with the three independents to hold both the administration and the opposition at Perth & Kinross Council to account. Since my election, I have discovered that the larger parties assume far too much about what residents want and are failing to listen to what they really want from a council in 2018 and beyond.”

A letter was sent to the Chief Executive of Perth and Kinross Council informing of their latest developments.

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