Review: A rockin’ weekend at Rewind Festival

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Mr Blobby fancy dress, bright colours and hundreds of tutu’s. No, I am not talking about a night in The Loft but Perth’s very own Rewind festival.

Rewind Festival 2018 was brilliant. With so much to do and a lot to see it’s difficult to tell you how good Rewind is in one article. I ventured out to the festival this Saturday and Sunday and I had an absolute blast. I got a chance to interview some of the most important artists of our time (and fangirl a little bit I am not going to lie!). On Saturday I got a sit down with The Skids, Martha Wash (the original weather girl), Tiffany, Odyssey, OMD and my favourite interview to date (because if you know me you know how much I love Joy Division) Peter Hook. On Sunday I had a catch up with Hue and Cry and UB40 as well- totally spoiled!

Hollie Irvine and Peter Hook

However, getting all these interviews didn’t derail me from my main task of going out and enjoying the festival. I had a great time listening to the performers, eating a lot of good food and chatting to all my fellow 80’s music lovers. Rewind is a brilliant festival, well organised, and it seems to me that everyone there is genuinely having a good time. 

Hollie Irvine and UB40

My highlight of the weekend has to be, however, the Disco Den. I ended both nights in that tent and it was a whole lot of fun and there was a lot of dancing. Rewind 2018 was bigger, brighter and better. Easy to navigate around the festival and the queues weren’t horrendous. It was great seeing everyone make an effort with costumes, fancy dress and even a few supporting their current favourite Scottish music acts- yes I’m talking about you Retro Video Club family!

The performers were all fantastic. Proving they are not yet done with the music industry, bringing back old hits and showcasing their new ones with Scotland’s finest crowd singing their songs back to them! A lot can be said about a Scottish crowd but they always do us proud.

I think Rewind is the perfect fit for Perth and it’s also great to see Scone Palace hosting some of the best events in Perthshire this year. Not only does Rewind bring in hundreds of people from all across Scotland (and the UK) it’s a celebration of music because music really is forever. It’s important to pay homage to those who came before us and sculpted the way we make and listen to music.

Well done Rewind, see you in 2019 and find all of my interviews below!



Paul OMD


Martha Wash

Hue and Cry

The Skids

Peter Hook

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