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    Swinney welcomes fire safety guidance

    Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has today welcomed the news that all Perthshire residents living in high-rise properties will receive fire safety documentation.

    The fire safety guidance, developed by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, has now been posted to all high-rise properties in Perthshire, and is available in libraries and community centres.

    Mr Swinney said: “Fire safety is a critical issue for all homes, and this is particularly true for high-rise buildings.

    “I am therefore pleased that the Scottish Government has taken proactive steps to raise awareness of this vital issue. The guidance provided contains practical fire safety advice on how to prevent fires and reduce the risk of fires in high-rise buildings.

    “I would strongly encourage all of my constituents living in high-rise properties to take the time to read the guidance when it arrives at their home.”


    David Riley
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