Scottish Conservatives calls for harsher fly-tipping penalties

Murdo Fraser wants to increase the current fixed penalty imposed from its current threshold of £200.
Murdo Fraser

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Murdo Fraser wants to increase the current fixed penalty imposed from its current threshold of £200.

The bill also seeks to increase sanctions for fly-tipping, and better reporting on data, the MSP said. The bill is now open for consultation and will run until 23 May 2022.

The Conservative MSP, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife Region, said: “Fly-tipping causes great environmental damage and creates an eyesore that blights both our countryside and urban areas.

“It’s selfish and irresponsible to dump refuse and waste at unauthorised locations – and completely unnecessary when there are adequate facilities for lawfully getting rid of unwanted items.

“And, of course, landowners and public authorities are left with the cost of cleaning up the mess left by others.”

“The current law already provides for both criminal sanctions and civil liabilities against fly-tipping, but reported incidents – often carried out by organised crime gangs – are on the increase, which is why I believe new legislation is required.

“This Bill will strengthen the law and toughen the punishments for fly-tipping.

“I want to thank those who have helped with their support and input to the Bill, and would urge everyone interested to get involved in the consultation process if they feel improvements can be made to it.

“This is not a partisan or party political Bill, but a common-sense piece of legislation to tackle a growing scourge on our landscape, so I hope and expect in due course that it will receive backing from members across the Scottish Parliament.”

Scottish Land and Estates policy adviser Simon Ovenden said: “The tidal wave of builders’ rubbish, household junk and toxic waste engulfing our beautiful countryside must be stopped.

“To help end this often large-scale criminal activity, we believe greater public education regarding the true impact of fly-tipping is needed, as well as tougher prison sentences, significantly higher fines, scrapping the offender’s vehicle, and making the polluter pay for the clean-up, rather than the innocent victim who owns the property.

“Our livestock, wildlife and environment  deserve better.

“We were pleased to help Mr Fraser develop his Member’s Bill and strongly support the Bill’s intentions to rid Scotland of fly-tipping once and for all.”

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