Best Top 3 Café’s in Perth


Our view on the best top 3 café’s in Perth. (Opinionated view)

Café Co Co

Cafe Co Co is on South Methven Street in Perth, near Ladbrooks. This cafe offers great fresh food, but if you prefer expensive taste this is the place to be.

Fresh food is created at the front so basically there isn’t any cheating so the customer can lurk over. Perth Gazette goes for a large latte and a bacon roll which came up to £6.00 but times three with our team.


The Copper Beech Café

This cafe is expectationally good if you like good customer service and a clean place. It’s owned by the Black Watch, which this cafe is a new extension. They do a fabulous salad with plenty of cheeses to go with it. It’s a little chilly when we visited however this is understandable as its getting colder. Nothing to fault with this establishment.

Prices were cheap and their hot chocolates were to die for, plenty of cream!

Credit: BW


Based in St John’s Place this cafe & restaurant is really superb. A great viewing if you like to sit outside to watch the people of Perth go by. We went for their latte’s and a cake. Perfect, but not only was it perfect, their cups were amazing I was tempted to steal the thing! The staff seem to be very good and well trained and we regularly visit this cafe.

It can be expensive but its high quality so you can’t complain if you want quality food with a deep price.

Credit: PO

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