High Street Charity Shop Row

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Neighbours of the high street charity shop British Heart Foundation are battling against costs of damaged walls and other several issues but the charity won’t pay up.


Moira Dewhurst  speaking to The Courier goes on and lists issues that haven’t been addressed. Seemingly BHF have damaged walls when bringing goods in the back of the shop. However Moira claims she has spent money of her own fixing the issues.

However Moira is now looking for answers and funds to contribute to the upgrade of her close and the shop.

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She told The Courier:

“It’s an eyesore and it has been going on for years.

“I’ve met with representatives of BHF, sent them letters and they said they’d speak to the manageress, but nothing has changed.

“I’d like it to be smartened up so that when we come in we don’t see that rubbish. Even if they put a screen up, that would be better.

“It’s such a lovely, old building and the charity is bringing down the area. They’re not being responsible neighbours.

“We’re going to try to get the corridor decorated, the lighting improved and a secure door fitted but they need to do their bit too.”

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BHF area manager Diane Daley insisted staff are “very mindful of residents when disposing (of) rubbish” from its Perth shop.

“The shop disposes of rubbish outside its back door which is not a communal area,” she told The Courier.

“The bins are emptied three times a week to ensure they never overflow.”

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