Missing Vulnerable Person Found On Train Tracks

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Police Scotland announced on their Facebook site last weekend that a missing vulnerable man was last seen in Murray Royal.

However after minutes of posting the information Police Scotland removed the post completely. It raised concerns as to why Police Scotland failed to tell the public that he was found until Perth Gazette contacted the control room on Sunday. Which they had confirmed he was ‘traced’.

However it was suspected that the same man was  involved in the same incident which happened last weekend where police described a vulnerable man was dragged from the train tracks in Perth. It’s understood the man is being treated in Murray Royal on the Faskally ward.

It now raises concerns as to why a vulnerable man was let loose and found on live train tracks in Perth which could of led to his death.

Pete Wishart speaking to The Courier said :

This is a very worrying development when we now find that (he) is a threat to others as well as a danger to himself.

“Everything must be done to ensure that no-one is at risk from this man and that his security situation is resolved.”

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP Murdo Fraser said: “It is important that an appropriate level of care and supervision is provided for those with mental illnesses in Murray Royal.

“Given the number of occasions on which this patient has gone missing, there is clearly a need for his level of supervision to be reviewed.

“Not only is he putting himself at risk, but precious resources are being used every time he disappears.”

Liz Smith MSP, who also represents the area, added: “This is clearly a very vulnerable patient who is in need of specialist care.

“The fact that he has managed to break free into the community on seven different occasions is a matter of concern, not least because of the involvement of the emergency services on two occasions.

“On the last occasion, I asked the chief executive of NHS Tayside, Gerry Marr, to investigate this matter and whilst respecting the confidentiality of individual patient care, I think there are serious questions to be answered in this case.

“NHS Tayside needs to fully explain why security has been so weak. I will be asking NHS Tayside to take action to ensure there is no repeat of these incidents.”

It’s also reported that over 30 firefighters, police and ambulance where scrambled to the scene.

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