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An Audi TT worth more than £25,000 was stolen from outside an address in Perth overnight Thursday into Friday (Oct 31-Nov 1), prompting Police Scotland to urge householders to consider all possible security measures and be vigilant to any suspicious goings on where they live.

Example of the Audi TT
Example of the Audi TT


The house in Graybank Road in the Craigie area of Perth was broken into sometime between 10.30pm and 3am. A Lenovo lap top computer was stolen, along with a Tumi briefcase, personal papers, a Paul Smith scarf and a wallet containing a three-figure sum of cash.

Not satisfied with the haul, the thief or thieves then stole the grey Audi TT RS from the driveway. When stolen, the car had the registration X1 CHS.

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Anyone who has seen this car, or who has information that could assist police enquiries should call Tayside Division on 101, or speak to any officer.

Police Scotland asks people to take every possible precaution to keep their homes and vehicles secure.

Police Scotland’s advice on how to keep secure:

Doors and windows should be secured even when at home. If you have outdoor security lights at the address then ensure they are in good working order. If there are none then consider having them installed. House alarms, particularly alarms system that can be set when you are in bed to cover ground floor rooms, for example, and serve as an excellent security solution.

If your house has a garage – use it. Put the car in it not the overspill of belongings from the house. Use it and lock it.

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Cars can be fitted with GPS tracking systems which are invaluable in tracing a vehicle if it is stolen. They can also be fitted with immobilisers, brake pedal, or steering locks.

Above all else keep car keys safe. A key left hanging just inside an unlocked front door is a gift for a car thief. Even when the door is locked, determined thieves can and do ‘‘fish’’ for keys through a letter box.

Do not leave keys in the first place a thief will look, such as a hall table, or even a coat pocket or hand bag. Treat them and other household keys as precious and keep them safe and out of sight.

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