Police Scotland request a review of Karnival Klub's trading licence

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Police Scotland requested a review of Karnival Klub’s licence. 

A meeting took place today to review a licence which Perth Leisure Ltd operate under Karnival Klub. A spokesman from Perth and Kinross Council confirmed developments  took place on the 20th of December 2013.

PKC spokesman said:

Police Scotland had requested a review of the Karnival Klub’s  licence at today’s Licensing Committee meeting. This was due to take place this morning.

At the meeting a representative of the G1 Group (the licence holder for the premises) stood up and said that Perth Leisure Ltd, which has been leasing the premises from G1 and running the club, had agreed to renounce their lease. He said an agreement renouncing the lease had been signed.

The committee was assured by G1 that given these developments, the Karnival would not be trading this weekend. After this announcement was made, Police Scotland withdrew their application for a review of the licence.

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