St Johnstone Fan who was shot in Perth still suffering from attack

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Sandy Lumsden aged 44 years old from Letham was shot in South Methven Street after a football match with St Johnstone.

On May the 5th at around 1.20am Lumsden was shot in the abdomen after attending to a football match with St Johnstone and Dundee United.

It’s believed the pellet is still inside his abdomen after doctors decided not to take it out as it may come out on its own. Causing pain and discomfort Sandy spoke to the Courier and said:

“The bullet is still inside me.

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“The doctors reckoned it would come out on its own but it hasn’t. It’s just annoying more than anything else. At work I have to lean over crates and, if it gets shoved in, it hurts.”

Sandy was taken to Ninewells in Dundee for surgery but was unsuccessful.

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