Perth's most memorable moments of 2013

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Some of the finest moments in 2013 were indeed a cracker, and let’s face it you can laugh, rant or be rude whatever it is, it was memorable.

1. A woman from Perth tried to save her daughters hat – The hat which “flew” in the dog trash can  caused a viral spark after a picture was snapped from a witness; the photo which appears to show a young woman’s arm is stuck.  – No picture rights unfortunately.

2. Several youths caught hi-jacking a stagecoach (well nearly) bus  were caught by a schoolboy racer near Perth Leisure Pool. One youth nearly got injured when jumping off the bus however, they seemed to of enjoyed the embarrassment.  – Aug 2013


3. An Aussie preaching the streets of Perth, inducing the most busiest street of all (High Street) after several complaints Josh Williamson was arrested for Breach of the Peace by Police Scotland.

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4.  Karnival Klub gets bad press after appearing in local media outlets and also annoying top bosses at Perth & Kinross Council. Police Scotland also requested a review of their licence.


5. Plans to demolish the city hall and then within minutes it was decided it’s being kept as a building. We are still confused with this one. – Not sure what the story is…


6. A troubled teenager who punched a horse got a healthy punishment. Nico Pettigrew shown no remorse and was found guilty.

Nico Pettigrew
Nico Pettigrew

7.  A ruined Christmas dinner for some at Pomarium Flats residents. Power was cut off due to a fire in a washing room. It’s unknown the cause of the fire yet but many families were left to live else where while SSE take several weeks to restore power.


8.  Mark Wright appearance fee left some of the public furious. A fee of £5,000 plus VAT was paid out. A document obtained by the Courier shown the approximate payout, while the other stars were paid less. (Even though they spent more than 20 minutes in the cold)

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9.  Private Car Parking caused a viral storm after several parking residents reported they had received a fine which was apparently inaccurate.  Our advise was best to leave it to the council. (the real ones)

10. A  young woman got herself in a bit of a state and then tried to rescue her handbag in the Tay. She got into such difficult Fire & Rescue service had let her free from the dirty water. A great tip-off kindly sent us the video in before it was deleted from the original owner.

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