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    Perth couple appear on The Jeremy Kyle Show

    A young couple from Perth appeared on the ITV morning show The Jeremy Kyle Show following an unclear argument.

    A young couple from Perth and Inverness appeared on The Jeremy Kyle show yesterday 16th of February, 2016.

    Jordan who is from Perth who is in a relationship with his partner who is from Inverness had around six minutes of airtime yesterday.

    Jordan’s partner from Inverness claimed he had got into bed with her sister Debbie following an argument that had taken place sometime ago. Jordan’s partner strongly felt some formal sexual mutual contact took place between both parties but it later emerged sister Debbie and boyfriend Jordan were telling the truth (according to a lie detector test).

    Perth viewers were left in a cringe fit after ITV surprised the Perth lot without prior warning to the local media. Perhaps a good thing right?

    Jeremy Kyle ended up ripping into Jordan following his body language.

    It was over a Netflix and no chill in bed with his girlfriends sister. Disappointing we were expecting a lot more sob stories and drama.

    Oh well happy ending for all involved at least. Jordan and his partner are still together since the broadcast was filmed.

    You can watch the wee clip below.


    David Riley
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