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Site Stats A Week On….

Google Webmaster tools shows how well we’ve done since being 1 week old. (1st of November 7th 2013)

Total hits: 32,090

Total views: 31,299

Keywords in Google: (Perth Gazette, 3,733) (Perthshire Gazette, 1,140) (Perth Gazette Offers, 833) (nightclub Perth, 4,944) (Other, unknown)

Popular Post:  Pedestrian dies after being hit by van on M9 Come Dine With Me Hits Perth

Advertisers Signed Up: 14

Complaints Received: 9

News Tips By The Public: 103 [blockquote style=”3″]Perth Gazette Blogs is a place for opinions. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Perth Gazette.[/blockquote]

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