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    New improvements for Perth Gazette

    Perth Gazette has recently made improvements with addition help to improve our community news website.

    Overall homepage layout has taken several days to come up with the best design to improve services. Various popular sections can be seen without hitting different menu buttons.

    With the approval of Perth & Kinross Council, their press releases and Twitter feeds have been Incorporated into our sub section offering the latest news. (No excuse to ignore latest warnings, alerts, updates and emergency information)

    An entertainment, indyref, sports, crime and promoted posts have also been added which are highlighted. A slider can also be seen at the very top. We have also concentrated on our advertisers. Notifying a visitor that they are reading an advertisement or promoted post.

    This design is also on mobile view with some limitations in place, however, you can turn it off and remain on the full desktop site instead.


    David Riley
    We're Perth Gazette's digital team. Mostly responsible for publishing breaking news stories across Perth and Kinross.