Reasons why we go to Costa Coffee instead of local cafés

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Surprisingly — or not — we have too many coffee shops in Perthshire and not just in the city.

I am very positive from the feedback on the Perth Gazette Facebook Page that most people prefer Costa Coffee or Starbucks but why?

[list][item icon=”9733″ ]expensive [/item][/list] [list][item icon=”9733″ ]quality taste[/item][/list] [list][item icon=”9733″ ]styling[/item][/list] [list][item icon=”9733″ ]food[/item][/list]

Most mentioned reasons are about the quality of the coffee “can’t get a strong brew” however, at Costa seems to be winning everyone’s mind.

This is a trend, the closure of independent family businesses in droves while a small number of chain businesses come to monopolise our High Street, that diminishes local resilience and leaves us all more vulnerable.  While we may be able to have a gingerbread mocha or whatever, around us families whose kids go to the same schools as our and who are committed to living in our community are losing their livelihoods, and our local distinctiveness is in decline.  It’s not a good trade.

In the Guardian piece, a Costa spokeswoman is quote as saying that the Totnes Costa will boost the town’s character “by adding vibrancy, complementing what Totnes currently offers”.  In the comments section below, someone has written “True, that. Whenever and wherever I see a Costa, I think to myself: “Oh, look. That’s boosting the character of this place by adding vibrancy”.”

Says Transition Culture

Most local coffee shops recommend by Perth Gazette readers: Blend, The Copper Beech Cafe and Small Talk. [blockquote style=”3″]Perth Gazette Blogs is a place for opinions. These opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by Perth Gazette.[/blockquote]

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