4 places you should visit on a Sunday in Perth

I will be showing you my best top 4 places to visit in Perth on a Sunday.

I will be showing you my best top 4 places to visit in Perth on a Sunday.

Well you might think Sunday’s are lazy days, basically just to slob and eat roast dinners and drink cheap wine. I however, like to make the most of my Sunday.

1. Always walk around the North Inch at least twice

Depending on the weather I like to stroll with my kids around the North Inch as it’s rather peaceful and pleasant. Nothing more to it than that!

2. Visit the town centre

I certainly like to spend a few notes on my favourite shops, however, I try to visit most.

3. Visit the Black Watch Museum

For a morning coffee or lunch the Black Watch Museum is the best place to relax after a hard walk around the inch. Sometimes I prefer to visit and not eat.

4. Stop by a few pubs for some good brewery!

Sandeman have a good seating area to relax and enjoy the mellow music accompanied by pub grub and friends. On a Sunday it can be busy and sometimes it’s not. Sandeman is located across from E-computers.

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