David Icke & The People's Voice Documentary – Unmasking a Messiah

When Journalist & Broadcaster, Sonia Poulton walked out of‘The People’s Voice’ in January 2014 she promised to put the record straight, offer an open and transparent explanation.

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When Journalist & Broadcaster, Sonia Poulton walked out of‘The People’s Voice’ in January 2014 she promised to put the record straight, offer an open and transparent explanation for her decision and demand the same from Mr Icke and his business associates.

Of course, the easy option would have been to capitalise on the situation and offer some sort of immediate and sensational exposure of Mr Icke and Co. but such impetuous actions could not have been productive. She would have been caught in the crossfire of allegations, counter allegations and disinformation, ultimately resulting in vital evidence evaporating behind a frenzied media smoke screen as the Icke faithful and those emotionally committed to his ethos rallied to his defence.

Time of course is a great leveller, and now, six months later, even the faithful are starting to question the wisdom and truthfulness of their Messiah.

Whilst the Icke faithful have been given time to see the virtual disintegration of the publically funded ‘The People’s Voice’,a few more enlightened stalwarts have been working tirelessly in the background to document the whole sorry story. Even the loyal are now starting to demand answers. Icke’s former fair-weather friends and business associates have started to distance themselves from the whole fiasco and possible allegations of wrongdoings, so much so that they are freely coming forward and offering their insight and evidence, with many prepared to go before the cameras and offer testimony.

Sonia Poulton is of course a woman of her word, and as described by Icke on many occasions, “a proper journalist” and like all proper journalists she knows the value of robust research; properly evidenced material that can be meticulously presented in the cold light of day, where simple facts are nothing more than simple facts; the indisputable truths that Mr Icke doesn’t want the world to see and hear.

This week we have witnessed David Icke’s attempt to distance himself from, ‘The People’s Voice’.


This may fool the truly gullible, but is nothing more than the actions of a desperate man rowing for the shore in the one remaining life boat; the actions of a man seeking to save his own skin, whilst leaving the few remaining faithful to listen to the band as the Titanic disaster that is, ‘The People’s Voice’ plummets into the depths of catastrophe and public scandal.

David Icke, the man of infinite love and global emissary of truth, is about to be exposed as; a man who is willing to hide in the shadow of others; a man whose public persona is completely different to his private one; a man unwilling to submit to the demands of accountability and transparency he demands of others and a man who is willing to ask the questions but is not prepared to stand before his accusers and answer theirs.

There are six weeks remaining before postproduction.

David Icke and some of his cohorts have been asked a series of questions and offered an opportunity to be interviewed to camera. To date we have not received a single response.

‘Unmasking a Messiah’ is a Sonia Poulton production, produced and directed by Alpaca Digital Media Services and is anticipated for late Summer release.

More at http://www.communitypressgroup.com/articles/david-icke–the-peoples-voice-documentary-unmasking-a-messiah/

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