EE Limited withdraws EE Swap days before new iPhone 6 announced

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EE Limited have withdrawn ‘EE Swap’ days before the new iPhone 6 was announced, leaving confused customers angry at the decision.

The mobile and broadband provider EE have withdrawn a “promotional” tool called ‘EE Swap’ days before new iPhone 6 was announced. Various customers have expressed their concerns on Twitter and Facebook.

Some customers were potentially influenced by the promotional offer as new phones are released every month, meaning that Apple mad fans could upgrade after six months while in their contract.

EE Swap requirements said that you’d need to be paying your contract for over six months in order to be eligible. An EE spokesperson said EE has the right to withdraw any promotional offers without notice. However, some users have expressed sales teams suggested that it was part of the contract and not a promotional offer.

EE pulled the plug on the Swap offer without notice, but discreetly said in some tweets that the offer was plugged on the 1st of September, 2014. Existing customers have stated “EE has been irresponsible in the swap approach by making money without prior warnings”.

EE Limited still remains the best growing network.

Customers can however, upgrade early by paying your rental fees for the remaining months.

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