Avoid calling Microsoft support as your phone number is intercept with scammers


After Perth Gazette contacted Microsoft today over a sales question Perth Gazette was later called by “Microsoft”.

Perth Gazette contacted Microsoft Sales department over a new machine today, however, couple of ours later we had received a call from “Universal Tech Support”  acting on behalf of Microsoft apparently.

The caller suggested we phoned tech support having problems with emails, we thought we’d carry on with their call to investigate. The man who speaks with an Indian accent required access to our machine using remote control, when refusing, and questions put to them they were struggling for answers.

The number +44081683479 and website http://universaltechsupport.co.uk/  managed to get access to our numbers from Microsoft, which now faces questions over data protection.

We called Microsoft again on a different number, 32 minutes later we recieved a second call from this company which proves somehow they are intercepting Microsoft’s communication lines. (Best option is to email unless you fancy messing about with scammers)

It’s unknown how they have managed, whether intercepting lines or someone working at Microsoft is providing  numbers to the criminals. Microsoft say the company in question isn’t in partnership and it’s a scam.

We’ll let you make your own mind up…