Best ways to keep warm and save money for this years winter

We have all the details of savings and potential problems that may pop up this winter, so it’s best to act now

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We have all the details of savings and potential problems that may pop up this winter, so it’s best to act now.

Do you have gas?

If you have gas heating make sure your boiler has been upgraded, their are several boilers out there so it will be hard for us to list every boiler. But check with your landlord or your housing association, whether it’s Perth & Kinross Council or a letting agency.

Pay your bill each month or every three months. Pay as you go customers pay more and sometimes it’s easy to forget that top up at the shop.

Do you have electrical heating, such as storage heaters?

These heaters aren’t the best and can bring your bills to an increase of 82% over the winter period.  Many thousands of homes operated by Perth and Kinross Council use storage heaters from Dimplex. These heaters can be confusing to use. However, it’s fairly easy once you have seen the instructions by clicking here.

Most households still have the old ones, that might smell of dust or make a noise when heating up. If you haven’t used your heater in a long time… i.e summer has just finished give it two days and the smell should go away. Dust is natural, even if you are a clean freak. Although it’s best to complain, recently new homes have been getting upgrades that save your bills from increasing.

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Did you know?

Major fuel companies provide tariffs for storage heating. Economy 7 is your ideally tariff

What is Economy 7?

Economy 7 meters are ideal if your home has electric heating. Ideally, they’re used with storage heaters and water immersion heating.

These meters have two readings, a ‘day’ or ‘normal’ reading and a ‘night’ or ‘low’ reading.

The specific day and night periods on an Economy 7 meter vary between different regions and at different times of year. Usually the night usage is recorded between 11:30pm and 6:30am in the winter and 12:30am to 7:30am in the summer. Some regions use radio teleswitching to vary the timing. This uses data superimposed on the 198 kHz BBC Radio 4 long-wave signal.

Front Doors

You wouldn’t of thought this. Front doors cause huge draft if aren’t fitted correctly. Contact the council or your landlord to check if anything can be done to prevent draft.

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If you live in a block of flats shut windows to prevent any coldness, of course your outside hallway will be cool but it will help additionally to heat and costs. If neighbours keep opening them, ask them to stop or at least shut them during night.

Carpet and additional items

Thicker carpet also helps if you decide not to use any underlay, thicker winter curtains, even if you have blinds. Some studies suggest third party heaters which can be purchased from stores in the town centre, it’s not advisable.

If you have permission, upgrade your storage heaters to the latest, you may even get additional grants, the more energy saving heaters cost around £189 and that’s without installment.


  • When cooking, leave the kitchen door open so the heat can spread, that’s if nothing is burning of course.
  • Move your meter to monthly (subject to credit check)
  • Find out from DWP about additional benefits to help
  • Save up small amounts each month incase of emergencies.


For any questions please send them to us at news @ or please contact Perth & Kinross Council and they should be able to advise.

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