Allan Johnstone guilty over rape charges

At Perth High Court today, Allan Johnstone (50) was found guilty for the rapes, assaults and abduction of women.

At Perth High Court today,  Allan Johnstone (50) was found guilty for the rapes, assaults and abduction of women.

Allan JohnstoneThis was a protracted police investigation carried out by the Domestic Abuse Task Force based at Forfar in the North Command area of Police Scotland. From the commencement of the enquiry in December 2013, it was identified that Allan Johnstone had, throughout his adult life, been a violent and sexual abuser of women who controlled his partners through fear. Johnstone was today convicted of 25 charges including eight rapes

The aim of Police Scotland is to keep people safe. One of our key priorities is to tackle domestic abuse by bringing offenders like Allan Johnstone to justice.

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Since December 2013 Police Officers from the national Domestic Abuse Task Force conducted thorough investigations which were both complex and sensitive in nature and required the assistance and co-operation of his past victims, other police departments and partner agencies.

Detective Chief Inspector Sam McCluskey of Police Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Task Force said :

“As can be seen, Allan Johnstone is a particularly dangerous individual who has abused his domestic partners throughout his adult life. I would like to thank these women for the courage and strength they have shown in coming forward and in doing so, helping ensure that Johnstone has been brought to justice.

I hope that this will encourage anyone who may be suffering domestic abuse to come forward in the confidence that they will be treated with respect and dignity and their complaint will be taken seriously. “

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