Gullible MSP Ruth Davidson left red faced over scaremongering tweet


MSP Ruth Davidson has been left red faced over embarrassing tweet, today 7th of May, 2015.

In a Tweet Ruth posted to say her “sources” mentioned that  burly blokes were turning people away at Annan Polling Station by “burly blokes” and they would only turn people away if they were voting a certain party. No doubt the SNP voters were being turned away.

It gets better, Dumfries and Galloway council responded to the tweet from their verified account which makes the situation even more awkward.  Here is a screenshot incase the tweet gets removed.


Ruth Davidson has not responded back to the tweet. A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We are aware of the tweet by Ruth Davidson and are currently looking into it.”

A few reporters also claimed the allegations were false, considering it is 2015, people have cameras and social media to upload any breaking news footage to the web.

It would be ideal if Ruth zipped it until the election is over according to thousands of Tweeters.