The Loft staff receive specialist training from Police Scotland

Officers from Police Scotland, Tayside Division Licensing Unit held an awareness event for licensed premises at The Loft in Perth on Thursday 11 June.

Officers from Police Scotland, Tayside Division Licensing Unit held an awareness event for licensed premises at The Loft in Perth on Thursday  11 June.

A presentation called  ‘Who Are You’  was given to staff to highlight how they can intervene to prevent vulnerable young people becoming the victims of crimes of sexual assault and other crimes of violence.

Four officers were introduced into Tayside Division Licensing Unit in February and since that time they have been extremely proactive working alongside Tayside licensees and their staff in order to promote the values of Police Scotland and ensure that licensed premises are run in an appropriate manner to ensure that the residents of Tayside can enjoy leisure time within a safe and secure environment.

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Craig Fraser from the Loft said :

‘We welcome these presentations from Police Scotland as it keeps these serious issues fresh in the minds eye of all of our management, bar staff and security. It helps to generate greater awareness and strengthens the communication of potential relevant information between ourselves and Police Scotland, with whom, we already have a very positive close working relationship. Any initiative which assists in protecting vulnerable persons from getting in harms way, in whatever way, shape or form, can only be a good thing, as we are all trying to work together to create not only a vibrant, but in particular, a safe evening economy within the City of Perth.’

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