Perth woman appealing for information as parents failed to contact her since terrorist attacks in Tunisia

Holly Graham, from Perth, is appealing for information to help trace her mother and father who have not been in contact since the terrorist attack.

Holly Graham, from Perth, is appealing for information to help trace her mother and father who have not been in contact since the terrorist attack.

29-year-old Holly Graham is left in a worried panicked state after parents have failed to contact daughter Holly since the attack in Tunisia.

Billy and Lisa Graham arrived at their hotel on the 17th of June and are due to come home on Wednesday. The hotel confirmed that passports were taken by police and missing Billy and Lisa have not been back at the hotel since the terrorist attack.

Holly Graham said to the Daily Record: “We’d like to appeal to anyone on holiday there who has since returned to look closely at Billy and Lisa’s picture and if they have any useful information to speak to us. Lisa has a distinctive tattoo on her arm of a cherub blowing a horn.”

Nicola Sturgeon commented and said:

“This has been a horrifying and senseless act of violence. The perpetrators of this atrocity do not speak for Muslims, and their actions in the name of Islam are a perversion of that faith.

“Our heartfelt condolences go to all of those who have lost loved ones in this horrific attack. My thoughts are also with any families who are worried about relatives they may not have been able to contact and with all those who have sustained injuries.

“We understand that a high number of those killed are likely to be UK citizens, and while there are not so far any confirmed victims from Scotland, we must prepare ourselves for that possibility.”

Anyone with information can contact Holly directly via email.



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