T in the Park management apologise for traffic delays

T in the Park management apologise for traffic delays

T in the Park management have apologised for traffic and car parking problems for the past two days.

Bosses have issued another apology over teething problems – Leaving fans stuck in mud and traffic delays of up to 5 hours.

Says Geoff Ellis, Festival Director: “Once again we apologise for the delays and the poor experience for some festival goers at the pick-up points last night.”

“A few things contributed to the delays and we are working hard to rectify them for tonight because this is obviously not the way we want to end what has otherwise been a positive experience for music fans.”

“It’s a brand new site and the weather wasn’t kind to us yesterday which led to a lot of people having to be towed from the West car park slowing us down because we don’t have the benefit of 18 years of infrastructure that we did at Balado.”

“We have continuously advised that there are no suitable pedestrian walkways in or out of the venue but over the last two nights, a high volume of people have done this anyway. This meant that the traffic coming into the pick-up points could not access the event, causing tailbacks and increasing the numbers walking as they tried to meet their pick-ups further along the road.

“We do apologise and we know that things should have been better than they were. We thank fans for their patience and it’s our priority to improve this for tonight. We have put in place extra measures for people coming to the venue to pick up as well as fans heading to the exits.”

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