Best ever Higher results for Perth and Kinross pupils


Councillor Bob Band, Convener of Perth & Kinross Council’s Lifelong Learning Committee, today welcomed the area’s best ever results for Highers and Advanced Highers.

Early analysis of the results show that at Higher Grade, pupils in Perth and Kinross were awarded 3,745 passes (a 78.3% pass rate), and at Advanced Higher Grade there were 662 passes, a pass rate of 80.9%.

The group of 6th years who graduated in June have achieved the best ever results for the area with 31% achieving 1 or more Advanced Highers, a 7% increase on the previous year.

The S5 group have also done well with nearly 36% achieving 3 or more Highers and close to 1 in 5 pupils achieving 5 Highers – an increase of 1% on last year and also the best result ever seen in Perth and Kinross.

New qualifications mean attainment for 4th year pupils is not directly comparable with previous years, however, the results show that 44% achieved 5 qualifications at National 5, an increase of 1% from the nearest equivalent for last year and the second best result ever recorded at this level.

In total pupils in Perth and Kinross were awarded over 6,300 National 5 awards, a pass rate of 81.8%. More than 3,000 National 4 awards were also achieved, a pass rate of 94.4%.

Councillor Band said: “Overall these results are the best ever seen in Perth and Kinross. This achievement is a fantastic tribute to the efforts of individual students, the support they received from family and friends and the work of our teaching staff throughout the school year to develop the confidence, knowledge and ability of young people to help them to gain these qualifications.

“We have a clear ambition to deliver the best for young people in Perth and Kinross. We have high expectations of our teaching staff and are committed to giving them the support and resources they need to ensure the best for pupils. These results show that this approach is working and I expect it to continue to reap successes in future years.”