Big hit for Chinese munchie box sold in Perth

China China takeaway sold 169 munchie boxes during trial period.

China China takeaway sold 169 munchie boxes during trial period.

The takeaway released details about the munchie boxes a few days earlier and revealed the cost would be £14.80 per box and collection only.

The selection contains salt and chilli ribs, chips, crispy chicken, chicken balls and mini vegetable spring rolls. You can also select a dipping sauce, Curry, Sweet and Sour and Sweet Chilli.

While the vast majority were indeed happy with their purchase one in particular wasn’t happy with portions.


Maybe if Tammy had bought two and not one to share for her partner, portions wouldn’t have been an issue.

We tested out the new craze, and gave it four stars out of five.

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Quality: You could tell the food was in the best quality without any processed content. Ribs were tasty and moist. While its a four star it could be improved such as different options of foodies but China China did state more choices would come very soon if all goes well.

The price does seem a bit expensive however, I can’t really complain since the quality was fantastic. You get what you pay for.

Would I buy this again? Yes – Supporting a local business with local produce and the fact food was high quality I don’t see an issue purchasing munchie boxes again.

Customer Service: Fantastic but disappointed since delivery service was not an option especially if you were buying a family meal for the household.

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Review by Moira.

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