BLOG: Perth Gazette to launch City Guide app for Tayside

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Perth Gazette was launched in 2013 to promote the fair city, share latest events, businesses and the latest community news.

Now is one of the top highest ranking websites in central Scotland according to Google and Alexa. PG has been known for its headlines and policies since 2013.

As we are now heading to 2016, PG is expected to make some public announcements in regards to sustainability. As you know we currently started to roll out a website to promote events and businesses throughout Perthshire. We are now almost ready to launch our new City Guide app.

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What does that app do?

Our iOS application for iPhone, iPad and iWatch, including Android will share events, businesses and local deals such as flash groupons. With the latest technology and GPS tracking (with users consent) we alert you to local deals businesses and events.

There are apps out there, why make one now?

We feel there is an open marketing for apps that are created by the best marketing researchers (which ours has been done by a lead agency). With our strong audience of traffic, loyal readers and community feedback we feel our City Guide app will benefit the consumers and the community.

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Who is funding the app?

PG is expected to make some public announcements at the start of 2016, however the app will be ad free, with only promoted content.

When will the app be available?

We are releasing the app at the end of December, 2015. However, you are more than welcome to join the iOS beta program on Test Flight. Please contact us so we can add you to the list. hello @ subject: Beta Tester

Images of the app and its name and logo are to be public in the next few weeks.

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