Review: Monterey Jack’s Perth

After much hype for Monterey Jack’s we decided to visit and do a review which is a standard procedure for PG when a new business comes to our city.
Credit: Monterey Jack’s

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After much hype for Monterey Jack’s we decided to visit and do a review which is a standard procedure for PG when a new business comes to our city.

We had sent two winners to dine discreetly at the new restaurant on a total budget of £65.

Walking into the new restaurant looked really clean and modern which brought a good atmosphere to the building. The music was somewhat louder than usual but didn’t put us off that easy. We sat down and were greeted by a wonderful waitress who offered us drinks and the menu.

We went for the burgers which were two for £12 but this did not include sides such as fries slightly disappointing, but can’t complain about the quality of the burgers as they were cooked to perfection but the fries portion were considerably smaller.

Service of the food was slightly late but, that’s to be expected considering the business is still fairly new and understaffed. The burger had arrived with lovely melted cheese on the top with a generous portion of salad. Drinks were lovely and not too overpriced but we didn’t get the chance to have any of the cocktails due to our own time being cut short.

We couldn’t fault the customer service and the operation of using the till had some technical issues.

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Would I attend again?

Yes, if you fancy something a wee bit different then why not but, we had witnessed some similarities with Frankie and Benny’s. There is room for improvement obviously.


Yes. Some of the food portions were very little, so portion quality needs to be checked before the food is served to the customers.

Would you recommend to a friend?

Yes, the establishment is fresh and colourful with reasonable prices.

Following some controversy from the new restaurant General Manager R.Fergie said to Perth Gazette: “There have been of course a few malicious people who have flooded our toilets, set fire to things behind the building and stirred the pot on social media – but hey, that’s life. In actuality, we have seen a rise of almost 2000 percent on social media over 48hrs and rather than mostly 2 star reviews, we are sitting at 4 stars on Facebook with a five to one majority of 5 stars over one stars.

Regards customer service – we have taken absolutely everything on board – good or bad. We hold our hands up – and have said to our social media audience that we have had certain teething issues over first few days, our epos till systems malfunctioned causing errors on kitchen orders, billing and the like – but again, these things get ironed out really quickly and we handle all our start up issues and any customer concerns as quickly, politely and fairly as we can.

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What we have also done, I think on only about three occasions is reply with polite honesty to people we felt were being rude or completely unreasonable. This clearly got their backs up because they feel they are able to say whatever they wish (true or not) with impunity and the business dare not have any right to reply. Well, we are sorry about that as there are many people out there that fear for sticking up for themselves when they are wrongly maligned or intimidated – they fall prey to internet trolls and malicious people with a clear agenda. If companies’, individuals or even the press get on board and stand up to them, perhaps things may get a little better for all.

Any fair minded person who reads actually what was said in response to specific comments should see that we were not intending rudeness or offence and if any was taken, for that we would apologise.”

Our review was a surprising a 4 star considering the unverified/verified reviews on its Facebook page.

TOP TIP: Understand the difference between verified and non verified reviews at any business.

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