Perth gearing up for Bonfire Night

Perth Round Table are putting on another fantastic event on the 5th of November 2016 at the South Inch

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Perth Round Table are putting on another fantastic event on the 5th of November 2016 at the South Inch.

From 6pm the event will start with local acts from the community and you can grab yourself something hot to drink. The lighting of the bonfire will take place at 7pm and Perth will see Guy Fawkes created by the children of Perth’s Fairview school going up in flames.

Councillor Douglas Pover, Convener of Perth & Kinross Council’s Community Safety Committee commented: “Bonfire night is one of the highlights of our calendar here in Perth and Kinross and it is fantastic to see large crowds attending Perth Strathearn Round Table’s annual bonfire night event every year.

“This year is set to be another firework extravaganza for the whole family to enjoy and for local good causes to benefit from.

“We want everyone to enjoy bonfire night but we urge people to attend organised events like this one in South Inch, as they are the safest way to do that as they offer the opportunity to enjoy spectacular displays in a safe environment.

“Anyone attending the South Inch display should not to take along their own fireworks or sparklers. This will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening.”

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SFRS Assistant Chief Officer David McGown said: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue service can be up to four times busier than usual on bonfire night. There are many official bonfire events this year in Scotland and attending one of these can help ensure our resources aren’t delayed. Illegal bonfires needlessly take up our crews’ time and put others with genuine emergencies at risk.

“I would urge any member of the public who sees someone starting an illegal bonfire to contact Crimestoppers. Crimestoppers can be called anonymously on 0800 555 111 or contacted through their website at Together we can help each other stay safe this bonfire night.”

Veterinary Surgeon Dr Fiona Humphries of Perth’s Fair City Veterinary Group advised: “At this time of year when fireworks are let off sporadically, stress and anxiety becomes common amongst dogs and cats. There are however many things that can be done to help keep your pets calm.

“These include providing a den – an enclosed ‘safe place’ for your pet to hide in. Cover the top and three sides of a crate, table or cupboard near the centre of your home or where your pet has previously hidden. Make it comfortable. You can even put one of your jumpers or t-shirts that will smell familiar to them in the den. Also, let the animal come and go as it pleases.

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“Stay calm during the fireworks and don’t react to any fireworks that go off as your pets will react to your reactions. Try not to worry and don’t get angry with your pet or fuss over them, just reassure them gently and be as normal and routine as possible. Keep cats indoors and place plenty of litter trays, especially by the usual exit points. Try to mask the sound of fireworks by putting the TV on or playing some music, especially if your animals are being left home alone. Also muffle the noise by closing your windows and curtains.

“Avoid walking dogs at night when fireworks are being set off. Walk them during the day and try to burn off any extra energy they may have by taking them on longer walks. Make sure the animal has had an opportunity to go to the toilet outside well before it gets dark and then keep them inside overnight. Maintain your routine, try to keep all other routines as normal as possible such as feeding times. Consider preparing for next year. Calming products are available from vets. You could also start desensitising your dog or cat to the scary sounds a few months beforehand. There are CDs on the market to help you do this.”

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