Perthshire community defends Pitlochry business after a customer writes a public review on a card she bought that was handmade.

A woman takes to Facebook to write a public review of a card shop in Pitlochry. The review was submitted to two Facebook public groups by the reviewer and the community of Perthshire have defended the price in question.

According to the complainer, a refund was refused after she had bought the card for £5.99. The complainer did admit she was not aware of the price but a white label of £5.99 can be seen on the plastic cover.

The review was trending on Facebook’s search results earlier this afternoon and it did attract the attention of the community.

The community of Perthshire defended the business asking the reviewer: “Why did you buy it in the first place?” Some members also defended the pricing on the handmade cards.

We have decided to remove the name of the reviewer. Would you pay £5.99 for a handmade card?