Did ye aye?: Anti-fascists shut down SDL protest in Perth


Hundreds of anti-fascists arrived in Perth City Centre to block SDL protests over a Perth mosque.

MP Pete Wishart along with organisations arrived at Perth Railway Station shortly after 1pm with a police escort.

Police Scotland was on high alert after rumours circulated members of the SDL were arriving on trains. Shortly after 1.30 pm a small mini bus arrived with SDL members and police were forced to remove the bus to avoid conflict.

Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire, participated in today’s demonstration in opposition to the so-called Scottish Defence League.

Speaking after the demonstration, Mr Wishart said: “There was a fantastic turnout making it quite clear that there is no place in our Fair City for the hate and ignorance represented by the SDL.

“A handful of fascists were faced with a huge and diverse crowd disgusted at their attempt to hijack a local planning issue to promote their racist agenda.

“I spoke to people of many faiths and none, people of all ages determined to make it clear that the local Muslim community have our support.

“I am very proud of Perth today.”

Members of the SDL: Hannah Lindsay / Perth Gazette

Around 60 members of the SDL arrived on Perth High Street after a delay due to counter protesters on South Street. Members were protesting for around 45 minutes and then were escorted back to a pickup zone.


Around 60 SDL members enter the ring to support their two pals. Martin Davidson / Perth Gazette
SDL: Hannah Lindsay / Perth Gazette

Two members of the SDL were mixed in with the Anti-fascists walk until they identified themselves as the Scottish Defence League, and they were swiftly removed from the group.

Police Scotland confirmed a 25-year-old man was charged in relation to breach of the peace.

First two members of the SDL. Hannah Lindsay / Perth Gazette
Anti-fascist force the SDL bus to park elsewhere. Hannah Lindsay / Perth Gazette


Anti-fascist members. In the red top a member of the SDL can be seen. Hannah Lindsay / Perth Gazette
Hannah Lindsay / Perth Gazette